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Indian Food and Dieting

A curry will really depend on the curry house you visit and how much oil they use in preparing the dish. Traditional Indians are often nutritionally well balanced with a good proportion of protein, vegetables and carbohydrate. Western influences and taste have created dishes with more fat and cream based ingredients available on the menu. Tomato based curries are good to choose, whilst creamy curries (korma and masala) should be avoided. Naan is quite high in fat and Chipati is a good alternative. Avoid fried accompaniments such as bhajis and samosas. Vegetable dishes are often a good choice and chicken and prawn dishes will generally be less fatty than other meat alternatives.Tandoori dishes are excellent if cooked correctly, this will be comparatively low in fat and calories and will be a good source of protein.

As a calorie guide on average a portion of Chicken Tikka Masala is 700 calories and 30g of fat. Tandoori Chicken is 350 calories and 15g of fat, Naan 300 calories 16g of fat and Chipati 150 calories and just 1 gram of fat.