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Lose Inches in just one day

Ok, so the big night out is tonight and whilst you had planned to go on a strict diet of celery and carrot sticks for the last fortnight, other party engagements in your hectic scheduale made it slip your mind completely!

Rather than returning at speed to the local mall to exchange your new outfit (which you purchased especially) for the next size up try the following tips to help you lose inches!

Flush the toxins

Firstly ensure that you drink about 3 litres of water, this will flush out toxins, is great for your skin and will energise you. Also avoid sugary foods which will temporarily perk you up - this will play havoc on energy levels in the long run.

Work up a Sweat

Next do some exercise before you go out. This could simply be an hours walking, or a leisurely swim. This will burn calories and give you more energy.


Book yourself in to a local salon for an Body Wrap, you may consider this cheating but it will help you lose inches. This solution may be temporary but will help you acheive your goal for this evening - to look fantastic. Finally a well applied fake tan and blusher will create the illusion of a svelter you.

Stand Straight

On your date ensure you maintain good posture. Pull your shoulders back raise your chin up pull your stomach in. Good posture will make you look between 7lb -10lbs thinner instantly!


Enjoy the evening, relax and smile. Remember smiling is infectious, it makes people feel at ease and it uses far less muscles to smile than frown.