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Why do people eat?

People eat because:

  • They are hungry
  • They are bored
  • They are depressed
  • Itís sociable
  • Itís comforting
  • Itís there

The Syndromes - Why People Eat

The Reward Syndrome

When you have had a really bad day, been shopping, juggled the housework and fitted everything in, you feel you need a reward.

The Last Supper Syndrome

I am going to start a diet tomorrow, and I will never eat cake and biscuits again

The Closet Syndrome

Nobodyís looking. They know Iím on a diet, but if they donít see me they wonít know

The Kitchen Syndrome

I am in the kitchen, preparing a meal and the biscuit tin lid if off and because Iím there I eat them

The Iím Fed Up Syndrome

Iím bored, lonely, cross, angry at myself or someone else, and Iím going to eat something naughty!

The Slippery Slope Syndrome

I missed breakfast; I ate too much at lunch, so a bit more wonít make any difference

SoÖ What next?


Donít need to be food (But it can be) Action Point: Find 8 rewards for yourself and use them!!

Be Realistic

You will eat a curry again, or a cream cake, who care Ė Just make sure it is in moderation

Who is the ĎDietí for?

Make sure the only reason you are changing your habits is because you want to

Temptation at home

Move temptation, put the biscuits on a high shelf so you have to go out of your way to get them. Place alternative under your nose for nibbling on whilst in the kitchen

Fed Up? Ė Get active

Action Point: Find 8 activities for yourself to do when you feel bored, go for a walk, clean out the kitchen cupboards or phone a friend

Slippery Slope

Small changes are less to cope with, introduce small changes and you will see a gradual change in your outlook. Not the end of the world anyway and you can start again at any point, i.e. 5 minutes after you slip up.