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Weight Loss Supplements

There is no substitute for exercise and a healthy balanced diet for maintaining or losing weight. If we can ensure that we burn more calories than we consume we will lose weight, if the balance is equal we will maintain weight. Many of us still struggle for a variety of reasons with our weight. Processed convenience food is often high in fat and sugar but it easy to incorporate in to a busy hectic schedule. Exercise is also sacrificed owing to a busy life style.

As a society we have become increasingly overweight and simultaneously very conscious of body image. In fashion we have seen voluptuous curves been superseded by elfin waif figures, and the high street is full of stores where many are unable to shop if they are above a size 14-16. Despite the average woman now being a size 14.

These changes in diet, lifestyle, attitudes and perceptions have created a mass market and captured audience looking to lose weight. Some will exercise, diet, others will try a combination of these and or weight loss supplements.

The Weight Loss Supplement market is huge, with a wide variety of brands offering all different kinds of weight loss tablets, slimming pills, fat blockers, fat burning pills, supplements and meal substitutes.

Some weight loss supplements work on the signal to the brain and act as appetite suppressants so that you do not feel hungry. Many of these recommend that for best results they are used in conjunction with a calorie controlled diet with exercise. This is a good education as when you stop taking the weight loss supplement you will be used to restricting yourself to a calorie controlled diet with exercise.

Other weight loss supplements are metabolism enhancers, containing the thermogenic agents ephedra and caffeine to help induce fat burning and kick-start your metabolism. These may have speed-like side effects with individuals feeling jittery and on edge.

Finally fat blockers such as Xenical work on the digestion of fat. The fat blocker attaches itself to enzymes in the digestive system that help break down fat and prevents them from breaking down some of the fat eaten. This fat is then digested and eliminated through normal bowel movements.

For most types of slimming pill or product there are natural weight loss supplements available on the market which do not contain any synthetic ingredients. The links on the left provide a summary of some of the most popular weight loss pills and supplements.