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How to be a Successful Dieter

Ok, so you have tried every diet under the sun and nothing seems to work. Where do you go from here? Booth Research Services conducted a national survey in to dieting for the Calorie Control Council, based on a sample of 1200 people aged 18 and older. The findings showed why some people lost weight successfully.

How to diet successfully

In both genders successful dieters paid attention to both the calorie and fat intake with their diet. In addition the top five methods for controlling and losing weight were:
1. Exercise
2. Cut down on foods high in fat and sugar
3. Use reduced fat and sugar free foods and beverages.
4. Eat smaller portions of favourite foods
5. Combine calorie reduction with exercise

What the study shows is that short term dieting is not as effective as long term lifestyle changes in regards to exercise and improved eating habits. Maintenance is crucial to being a successful dieter and long term weight loss. Restrictive diets, slimming pills, fad diets and fasting are counterproductive leading to episodes of binging and yo yo dieting.