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Lose Weight for the Weekend

You have five days to transform yourself. Sound like an impossible task?

Whilst we cannot promise a complete transformation in five days you ould lose up to 5lb in weight (depending on the amount of weight you need to loose and your current diet).

Cut out The Source

We all love a little drink but for the next five days all alcohol is strictly off bounds. Alcohol is high in calories and will be easily stored as fat - just look to the beer belly phenomena for evidence!

Work up a Sweat

Try to do between 20 minutes to an hour aerobic exercise each day. The time will depend on the intensity of the exercise, i.e. running for half an hour will be as good as walking for an hour. You may think you don't have time to exercise but it is very important, when you actually try it you'll realise that you have more energy as a result of exercise.

Reduce Carbohydrate

Over the next five days you need to avoid starch based foods like pasta, white bread and rice and refined sugary foods. This may sound harsh but it is only for five days. Replace this gap with protein. For the next five days you need to eat protein, crunchy vegtables, salad and fibre.

Drink Water and Pamper

Ensure that throuhout the week you are drinking plenty of water each day. Reward yourself with a trip to the hair dressers or beauty salon at the end of the week. Your body is a temple you have stuck to the diet so now it is just applying the finishing touches.

Enjoy the weekend and feel proud at your achievment.

Stand Straight

On your date ensure you maintain good posture. Pull your shoulders back raise your chin up pull your stomach in. Good posture will make you look between 7lb -10lbs thinner instantly!


Enjoy the evening, relax and smile. Remember smiling is infectious, it makes people feel at ease and it uses far less muscles to smile than frown.