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Lose Weight in a Month

Why is it when we have a special occassion coming up we often visualise months ahead how we will look in the magnificent outfit that we have imagined in our mind? Coming back down to earth with a bump and we realise that with just a month to go the more svelter you from your clouded day dream is far from reality. First thing is first..don't panic - you can easily lose weight in a month and turn the dream to reality! Simply read on..

In one month you could lose up to a sone in weight. This will seem quite dramatic weight loss and is ideal for a summer holiday, special occassion or just a boost to your confidence in a relatively short space of time.

To lose weight in a month you need to increase the percentage of your diet that consists of raw vegtables and increase your level of protein and avoid white starches. In addition you need cut out caffine and ensure you are drinking a minimum of 2 litres of water a day. Drinking Green Tea will help reduce toxins and helps you break down fat more effectively.

In addition to improving you diet you also need incorporate some aerobic exercise in to your routine, choose something you enjoy doing. Click on the links in the exercise section for inspiration.