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Quick Weight Loss

Wouldn't it be lovely if there was a magic wand we could wave and all our excess weight would drop off? Alas this is just fairytale, and is not possible. Luckily quick weight loss isn't impossible and although does require some discipline is achievable to most even those with strict timescales.

Quick weight loss can be achieved a number of ways and it really depends on the amount of weight you have to lose and your current diet. A range of diets can be followed that induce quick weight loss, for example, the first phase of The Atkins Diet should result in significant loss. It is important that you understand how the weight is going and that you are prepared to maintain this post the 'quick weight loss', otherwise you will fall in to the cycle of Yo-Yo dieting.

For safe quick weight loss try a carbohydrate curfew (no carbs after 5pm) and break up your meals down in to 5-6 smaller meals. Exchange sweet foods to natural sugars (such as fruit) or cut your snack intake by 75% then 50% the following week. Make a note of your current food intake an the calories you are consuming each day. Aim to cut this by 10-15% and spread it throughout the day eating the carbohydrate foods earlier in the day when you will be using more energy. Remember quick weight loss is possible but long term weight loss and maintenance should not be forgotten. Dieting and weight loss isn't easy but visualisation (i.e. imagining the thinner you) should help get you through the harder times.