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Lose Weight in the New Year

New Year new start! Sounds great in theory doesn't it? Why is it that it seems so much easier to start (or stop) something on January the 1st than any other day in the year. Crazy as it may sound there is something really positive about the New Year and introducing positive changes into our lives.

If you are one looking to lose weight in the New Year you can take heart that you are one of literally hundreds of thousands with the same goal. Have you noticed how busy the gym is in January? Lane swimming is a completely different experience in January then just a month earlier - you go from the luxury of having the pool to yourself to suddenly swimming hand to foot with half the town, most of which have chosen the wrong lane to swim in for their pace!

To lose weight in the New Year it is best to focus on something positive to do or add to your life, than something to give up. Introducing exercise is always very good, hence the above swimming pool and gym experiences. It is important too not go over board on the exercise but to establish a habit, for example to exercise three times a week. There is no point going to the gym religiously seven days a week for the first two weeks in January only to give up on the third. Setting a goal is often good too (see Personal Fitness Plan for more ideas). You could aim to run a 10k race in April, or learn to horse ride!

Diet will obviously play a significant part in your quest to lose weight in the New Year. Educating yourself as to what you are eating is always a very positive thing. Remember everything is OK in moderation. To achieve long term weight loss you are better to lose weight gradually. Cut portions gradually, starving yourself will only result in binging or yo-yo dieting. Try replacing elements of your diet, replace your 3 biscuit snack break with an apple or cut it down to two, then one before the transition. Remember every little helps so take small steps to achieve the goal and lose weight in the New Year.