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Weight Loss Program

If you want to adopt a healthy weight loss program to lose weight the easiest way to do this is to cut your current food intake slightly whilst increasing your level of activity so that you burn more than you you use. To do this you need to choose an exercise or a selection of sports which you enjoy and build these in to your weekly routine (see the vast selection available in the Exercise section). With regards to your food intake, look at what you are eating and be realistic about this. A food diary where you log everything you eat and drink in a day can be an excellent form of enlightenment. The Producing a Fitness Plan section could provide further inspiration and help you tailor and structure your weight loss program.

Many people prefer to choose a popular commercial weight loss program that is easy to follow. The Weightwatchers weight loss program uses a point system which restricts calories. If you increase the amount of exercise you do you get more points, but it is still a calorie controlled program which is structured and easy to follow.

In contrast to this we have seen the mass growth of low carbohydrate programs such as The Atkins Diet, The Schwarzbein Principle and the Zone Diet, all of which are very successful weight loss program. These have received heavy media criticism owing to health implications but clearly work for many peple and do induce weight loss.

Low Fat foods fill the supermarket shelf making it wasy to adopt a low fat weight loss diet. Cook books enabling you to prepare weight loss recepies to support your low fat diet are found in highstreet bookshops nationwide.

With so much choice it becomes difficult to choose which weight loss program to follow. To help you start the links below provides you with a summary of each diet and direct you to were you can learn more about each of them.

Atkins Diet

Slimming World

Slimming World Food Optimising

Rosemary Conley

The Schwarzbein Principle

The Zone Diet

Blood Type Diet

The Weightwatchers Diet

Cabbage Soup Diet

Food Combining