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Lose Weight for Christmas

With Christmas fast approaching your hectic social calendar is filling up. Question is how do you get the balance right between going to all the top parties and enjoying yourself without letting your waist line suffer. What's more how do you get to that point and still look fabulous?

To lose weight for Christmas you need to think carefully about what you are eating and your exercise routine. Be honest with yourself too. Often what we think we are eating is very different to what we actually do. Also, if following reading this you think what exercise routine, then there is the first thing you can do to achieve your goal.

With a few months to go till Christmas your goal to lose weight for Christmas is very achievable. You need to increase your current aerobic activity (duration or intensity) and decrease your food intake. The calculation is quite simple to lose weight you need to ensure you burn off more than you eat! To do this safely you need to look at reducing your calorie intake by about 10-15%. If you follow a pretty similar daily routine then you will be able to cut your portion sizes down. If you are unsure a good way to start is to actually record what you eat and drink each day - remember those glasses of orange juice all add up!

To help lose weight for Christmas look at the exercise choices on left, there is literally something to suit every taste from aerobics, to swimming to martial arts.

Rest assured even if it seems time is running out and Christmas is just round the corner we have some helpful tips that should help you lose weight regardless of timescale.