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The hardest thing about going on a diet is cutting out the treats we love and denying ourselves our favourite foods. The good news is that it is possible to diet successfully without completely cutting out chocolate. Remember everything is good for you in moderation!

Recent research shows that catechins contained in chocolate prevent cancer and heart disease. Whilst Milk Chocolate contains 15.9mg of catechins per 100g Dark Chocolate contains 53.5mg of catechins. Though this is good news chocolate is high in sugar and fat so moderation is the key.

You can either try and build a chocolate fix in to your daily calorie intake or try and reduce the days you have chocolate (maybe have chocolate 2-3 times a week). If you deny yourself completely this will lead to binging.

You can also use a treat as a reward. Go to the gym or go for a run and reward yourself with a small amount of chocolate. Remember the formula for weight loss is expend more energy than your food intake provides. Therefore the more you do the more you can eat.

A low-calorie drinking chocolate is a great way to get a chocolate fix. Most are around 40 calories a cup and provide a delicious low-calorie alternative. Treat size bars are also good for providing a low-calorie fix enough to satisfy your appetite without ruining your diet. Whilst a treat size dairy milk is just 80 calories a standard bar is 260!