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Why Lose Weight?

You know you want to lose weight but you also know it takes some effort and discipline to this. You question is it worth it? To help inspire you see the points below that will convince you it is worth losing weight.


Being overweight increases your risks of infertility and diabetes. It also disrupts your sleep patterns and can contribute to heart diseases, high blood pressure, certain types of cancer, gallstones and strokes.

Have more Energy

Losing weight through adopting a healthy eating plan and exercise will generate more energy. So if your yawning in the afternoon do some exercise and you will feel invigorated and energised.

Look and Feel Great!

You are no longer restricted to 'women plus' shops. Shopping now offers more choice as outfits strictly off limits before your weight loss will look fantastic! The new you can wear your new outfits with confidence. Your self-esteem will grow as peers and friends comment on your weight loss. This will give you confidence and the motivation to ensure you maintain your weight.