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Sports can be exhilerating, through exercise our brain releases chemicals which produce a natural high, and post exercise we feel positive about our acheivments and activity. From an early age we learn the importance of sports and at school in Physical Eductaion lessons are taught team sports such as Netball, Football, Rugby and Basketball. These team sports provide children with good exercise and fresh air, but additionally teach them to work as a team and show consideration for others. These qualities learnt through sports can be transferred and used beyond the playing field.

The competative nature of sports is also exposed to us at an early age through sports day and inter-school matches and races, with those excelling at sports able to take part in county and national events. Athletics events and Cross Country running are both sports that encourage team spirit whilst essentially being an individuals sport.

Outside education for both children and adults the range of sports is much vaster. Martial Art clubs, Squash clubs, Swimming clubs, Triathalon clubs, Rowing clubs are available in most local areas. These clubs usually cater for a range of abilities including those with a basic level of fitness interested in the sport for leisure, to highly competative club members who compete at their sport.

If you are looking for Sports Clubs in your area the Internet is a great place to start. Most local clubs have an internet site which will display information on how to join and where to meet up. Additionally local sites and guides will often have information on clubs in the area.