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Finding a Personal Trainer

In the past having a personal trainer was something that was only for the rich and famous. A personal trainer to help us condition our body, get fit or acheive our goals was a luxury we could not afford. However, just as gym memebership has evolved from luxury to necessity the personal trainer is fast becoming an affordable comodity that is worth there weight in gold.

A personal trainer is there to motivate you, to instruct you and to help you to acheive the goals you want to attain. A personal trainer can help you acheive your goal quicker and will teach you the right techniques to ensure your exercise safely and reduce your risk of injury.

A personal trainer has many roles and it is important to ensure that you make the right decision in finding your personal trainer. The guide below should provide some practical help to aid you in your serach for the perfect personal trainer for you:

  • It is important to think about what goals you want to acheive. For example, if your goal is to run a marathon it is good to get a personal trainer is an experienced runner or possesses a good level of knowledge about running. However, it is important to get a personal trainer with a good overall knowledge of fitness as your next goal may not be focused on the same thing.
  • Check the qualifications and liability insurance of a perspective personal trainer. Also ask for references and if possible an example of a programme for one of their existing clients.
  • Work out how important your diet will be in your fitness goal. If a goal is diet based then finding a personal trainer with nutritional training will be an advantage.
  • In the past personal trainers could meet you at home or in the gym. A personal trainer coming to your home is now in the minority as a gym is a much better place for a good overall workout.
  • Finally the most important element in finding a personal trainer is ensuring that they have a personality you can get along with. Remember you could be spending several hours a week with this person so it is important to get it right!