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Finding the right gym

Gym membership used to be an exclusive thing, but in recent years it has become a basic commodity. Finding the right gym can be difficult and it is easy to make the wrong mistake resulting in a huge waste of money and many of us having membership at several local gyms simmultaneously.

Finding the right gym for you is important. The guide below should povide some practical help to aid you in your search for the perfect gym for you:

The first thing to do is to assess what is important to you and think about the following aspects. Once you have decided these ask to be shown round the gym or maybe do a session there (prior to joining) to see how it measures up against your criteria.

Finding a gym - factors to decide

  • Your goal - is your goal simply to get fit, lose weight or tone up? Do you also want your gym to provide a social aspect in your life? If you are interested in the gym as a place of meeting people a larger club may be suitable.
  • Are you self-concious when you exercise? If so a smaller gym may be more suitable. Some gyms also have seperate sessions for ladies to work-out or seperate weights rooms.
  • Are you motivated? If motivation may be a problem look at the ratio of staff to people using the gym. Also does the gym have personal trainers or adequate classes to go to if required?
  • Selection of Equipment - Most gyms with have an excellent range of fitness equipment that will enable a full body work out. Some gyms have a greater selection of entertainment options (TV, videos, in-built gaming) so this may be worth considering.
  • How busy does it get? It may be the best gym in the world but if it is too busy to get on the cross trainer on a Friday night there is a problem! Find out how busy it gets at peak times before you join.
  • Does it fit in to your routine? Finally, is it closer enough to home or work and what are the opening hours. If it is not easy to get to then you will never go.