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Balance Board

A Balance Board is an excellent way to improve your core stability. A Balance Board helps you to find your inner balance and offers a fun and unique way to train. New designs of boards and techniques have been developed which have made balance boarding an exciting sport in its own right.

The original Balance Board, the Bongo Board, came from air transport command pilot Stanley Washburn, who whilst temporarily grounded in the Gold Coast of Africa, was inspired on seeing children playing on a pice of wood balanced on a sawn off tree round. Washburn copied the children and immediatly fell off.

Following a request from his daughter for something new Washburn created the Bongo Board which he later commercially produced until 1984. In the early 90's snowboarding instructors addressed the limitations of the bongo board and created a board that you could turn, spin, maneuver and further improve balancing skills. This board's creators Brew 'Vew' Moscarello and John 'JG' Gerndt called the board the Vew-Do Balance Boards. Other variations of balance boards, such as the Indo Board designed by Hunter Joslin in 1965, are also available.

A Wobble Board is also popular, the Fitter Wooble Board adjusts to three wobble angle settings. The rocker adjustment allows the user to easily change the angle setting for increased range of motion and challenge. As with other balance boards Wobble Boards will greatly improve core strength and stability of the trunk and pelvic girdle. Additionally Wobble Boards will strengthen leg and ankle range of motion. Posture will be improved and runners will notice improvment in strenth in the lower limbs.

In summary, Balance Boards sharpen your balance skills and are an excellent training partner helping performance in numerous sports. So, whilst the masses flock to Pilates classes at the local gym, grab your balance board and try an alternative method of building core strength and improving your body balance!