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Slimming World

Slimming World offer help, advice and diets for thoose looking to lose weight. Slimming World have an online slimming club, or for those who would like to attend a slimming club in their area, Slimming World offer many regional slimming clubs that act as support groups.

Slimming World have helped thousand of people acheive weight loss and print a monthly Slimming World magazine with hints and tips for those interested in Slimming.

Slimming World's diet is called Food Optimising and aims to provide a diet that will help you lose weight without restricting all the foods most of us love. Food Optimising allows you to easily manage what you eat depending on the type of day you choose, you simply have smaller portions of some foods knowing that other really filling and great-tasting foods are on hand all day long.

Slimming World Food Optomising seeks to create the most favourable conditions [in which to lose weight]; to make the best or most favourable use of [food]; to take the full advantage of [food]; to achieve maximum efficiency in [eating]; to find the best compromise among several often conflicting requirements [eating lots of food that we enjoy, not going hungry and losing weight at the same time].

For more details go to www.slimmingworld.co.uk