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The South Beach Diet

The Atkins Diet is one of the most popular and controversial diets. Everyone has an opinion on The Aitkins diet, even those who do not fully understand what it involves! Could a new diet ever rival the popularity? Quite simply yes - enter The South Beach Diet centre stage.

The South Beach diet was devised by Dr. Agatston a leading Florida cardiologist who developed the diet for some of his patients to improve their cholesterol and insulin levels, reducing risks of heart attacks and strokes. In addition to the health benefit the diet also induced fast but healthy weight loss.

Agaston explains "I was looking for a diet, not for weight loss for its own sake, but to improve patients' heart health by changing their blodd chemistry....My secondary goal was weight loss as once that's acheived it means that blood chemistry is under control as well. Almost at once the patients who went on the diet had positive results. Their blood chemistry improved and, within months, they lost up to three and a half stone".

The South Beach Diet has a glamourous title and will no doubt be subject to many negative critics. However, Dr Agaston is a respected medical figure who is one of the leading developers of the EBT (electron beam tomography scan - used to detect coronary artery disease and other diseases). Futhermore leading nutritionists have stated that the diet is rich in fruit and veg, wholegrains, and lean protein, and does not exclude any major food groups.

What is the South Beach Diet?

The South Beach Diet is split in to three phases, the first the most strict only lasts a fortnight. The initial phase should induce significant weight loss. The second phase should be maintained until the ideal weight is reached, this phase is less strict than the first. The final phase the maintenance phase is a way of life. At this phase you should have reached your ideal weight and be educated to a new way of eating - the South Beach way!