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Rosemary Conley

Rosemary Conley has over 30 years experience as one of the UKs high profile leading diet and fitness experts. Rosemary Conley specialises in helping people lose weight and get fit.

Rosemary Conley have over 2,000 weekly diet and fitness classes throughout the UK. Rosemary Coley has established a chain of franchised clubs in which she plays a hands-on role. There are now 175 franchisees nationwide, many of whom consist of people who have acheived weight loss personally through the Rosemary Conley methods.

Rosemary Conleys's Eat Yourself Slim diet has helped thousands of dieters lose weight and adopt a more healthy lifestyle. To find a local Rosemary Conley club with qualified instructors go to www.rosemaryconley.co.uk