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The Weight Watchers Points Diet

What is The Weight Watchers Points Diet?

Weight Watchers have a long history of weight loss programs. The most recent is the Points system (with the current programme the 'Time to Eat' diet). The Weight Watchers Points Diet attributes a points value to different types of food and drink. You are given a points allocation per day depending on your height and weight and you are able to eat whatever you would like as long as you stay within your daily points allowance. The diet is very popular and is easy to understand and follow. The Points diet essentially helps you control the amount of calories and fat that you eat. The Weight Watchers plan is an effective way to moniter your intake and keep you from eating more than your body is burning.

Weight Watchers Meetings and Support Groups

Weight Watchers also offer support groups and meetings (like slimming clubs). The support meeting features a weekly weigh-in to inspire people to stick to the diet and receive support from other dieters.