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Weight Watcher

The Weight Watcher diet is an established diet program that uses a points system to form a flexible calorie controlled diet. The Weight Watcher diet attributes a point value to food and the dieter adds up how many points they have had each day.

Depending on the weight of the dieter the Weight Watcher diet allows a certain number of points each day. If the dieter keeps within their points they will be limiting their calorie intake and therefore will burn off more than they are consuming (as with other calorie controlled diets).

The Weight Watcher diet is good as it imposes some structure to the calorie controlled diet making it very easy to follow. It also allows you to still have treats as long as these fall within your designated allowance. Regular meetings can be attended creating a sense of community and spirit. Individuals are weighed each week giving them a further incentive to stick to the diet.

The eight Watcher diet is also available online now for those who do not want to attend meetings or need greater flexibility.