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Handheld Body Fat Monitor

Measuring body fat has become more of an indication of health and fitness than simply measure your weight on traditional weighing scales. Lean muscle weighs more than fat and so it is a truer indication to look at body fat than weight to establish if someone is overweight.

Omron produce a hand held body fat moniter. This device gives you your body fat percentage and fat measurements in just 7 seconds. Omron's device is simple to use, lightweight and can store up to 4 personal profiles.

How does the hand held body fat monitor work?

The Omron Body Fat Analysis calculates body fat percentage by sending a weak electrical current through the body to determine the amount of fat tissue. The Omron Body Fat Monitor enables you to regularly check your body fat which is a good indication of body composition, health amnd fitness.

Omron body fat monitors are available for purchase online or in high street department stores or specialist sports shops.