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Tanita body fat monitors are able to measure the percentage of fat, lean body mass, hydration level, BMI and more. Tanita have developed and patened a 'foot pad' design which sends a low, safe electrical current through the body to measure its composition. The Body Fat Monitor Scale can measure fat as the electrical current passes more easily through lean muscle than fat. Owing to this Body composition can be mathematically calculated based upon the speed at which the signal passes through the body. Tanita are the suppliers of these type of Body Fat Monitor Scales. Tanita offer a good choice of models to choose from each with different features.

Most Tanita Body Fat Monitors have a Healthy Range Indicator which shows you what weight status in terms of body fat you fit into (i.e. underfat, normal, overfat, obese). They also can offer you your recommended daily calorie intake in order to miantain weight. Therefore, if you ae looking to lose weight, by eating below this amount you can ensure that you will lose weight. A further feature Tanita Body Fat Monitor offer is a weight recall feature which enables you store past weights and records. This is particularly useful when losing weight and can be great in motivation. Finally the graph feature on the Tanita Body Fat Monitor calculates averages for your stored body fat readings and displays them as graphic bars within the chart area. This enables you to easily visualise your progress and trends.

The Tanita Body Fat Monitor has three user modes Adult Mode, Child Mode and Athlete Mode. These modes account for physiological differences among people ( an athletic adult will have different body characteristics from someone with a sedentary lifestyle). By selecting the right mode you will receive the most accurate body fat reading.

Tanita Body Fat Monitors are available for purchase online or in high street department stores or specialist sports shops.