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Body Fat Scale

A Body Fat Scale measures body fat. If you want to measure body fat you can use a Body Fat Scale called a Body Fat Monitor which will calculate your body fat. A Body Fat Monitor calculator allows you to check your body fat percentage quickly and accurately. The Body Fat Monitor is simple to use and can offer a measurement in seconds.

To mesure someones body fat you can do a basic calculation to work out their body mass index. This will provide you with a weight status of either underweight, overweight, normal or obese.

The BMI chart below (and table that is linked to) is a body fat scale which will help you catagorise your weight status:

BMI Weight Status
Below 20 Underweight
20 25 Acceptable Weight Range
25.0 30.0 Overweight
Over 30.0 - Clinically Obese
Over 40 - Morbidly Obese

Body Mass Index Chart