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Body Fat Analysis

For a body fat analysis you can use a body fat monitor. With regards to body fat percentage there are several devices one can use for this and body fat analysis. One method is to use calipers to manually measure someones body fat in certain places on their body. A Skinfold Caliper is used to measure the thickness of a fold of skin with its underlying layer of fat. This is done at certain areas of the body (which research shows is representative of the total amount of fat on the body). From this you are able to estimate the total percent bodyfat of a person.

You can also purchase or use body fat monitors that measure the percentage of fat. Body Fat Monitor Scales work by sending a low, safe electrical current through the body to measure its composition. The Body Fat Monitor Scale can measure fat as the electrical current passes more easily through lean muscle than fat. Owing to this Body composition can be mathematically calculated based upon the speed at which the signal passes through the body. Tanita are the suppliers of these type of Body Fat Monitor Scales. Tanita offer a good choice of models to choose from each with different features.

For Body Fat Analysis you can also get hand held body fat monitors. Omron produce a Body Fat Analyser which offers a body fat analysis in just 7 seconds. Both body fat percentage and body fat weight measurements are displayed on the large digital panel. Omron's device is easy to use, lightweight and stores up to 4 personal profiles.

Body Fat Analysis is calculated by a weak electrical current that passes through the body to determine the amount of fat tissue.