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Reward and Motivation

Record your Acheivements

Taking control of your life can be empowering and can give you the confidence to change other areas of your life. This is very rewarding but may not be as useful in terms of motivation. To motivate yourself it is good to keep a record. Just as a Food Diary is invaluable and revelatory in showing what you eat and drink, a record of what you have acheived is a testimont to your progress and will provide motivation to keep you going in difficlut times. It is also good to write down how you feel wherever possible, this is good because you can start to see what you enjoy and what does and doesn't work for you. With this you can tweak your plan accordingly.


When you are finding it hard to stick to your plan try and remember your ultimate goal and visulaise yourself acheiving this. Imagine the satisfaction you will feel on completition of your plan and use this image to encourage you to make this vision a reality.


Once you have your logging diary and you acheive your monthly target or short term goals it is important to reward yourself. Maybe there is a new pair of shoes you have seen, or you could have a pamper session, your hair done or go to the theatre. Build the eward into your plan for extra motivation. Remember it is not just material rewards that will motivate you, others will notice the change in bod oud of your acheivments and commintment.