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Health Spa

We cannot all afford the luxury of our own Spa but who could deny themselves the luxury of a visit to a Health Spa. A Health Spa is somewhere we can go to relax, unwind and escape from the pressures of our every day life. A stress free environment the modern Health Spa now includes somewhere you can spend the day be pampered with treatments, enjoy a delicious, but healthy lunch, go to the gym and relax in one of several magnificent pools and spas.

A health spa will often include a hydrotherapy tank or hydrotheraphy pools, which are excellent for helping injuries. Sauna, Steam Room, Traetment Rooms, Fitness Studios are often located within the Health Spa so that you can experience a range of treatments and activities.

Some of the largest spas have several pools in opulent surroundings, each with different purposes and features. For example Nirvana Spa in Shinfield features several pools including a huge hydrotherapy pool, chemical free swimming pool (where the water is cleaned using ozone) and a pool of mineral water from a well beneath the spa.

For a slice of luxury or an alternative Hen party a Health Spa is the ultimate relaxation.