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Health Farms

Health Farms offer the ideal place to relax and rejuvenate. Many Health Farms are set in magnificent historic buildings with charming grounds, whilst others are located in major cities providing an escape from the hectic city bustle. A quality that both share is the creation of an environment where you can retreat to and experience luxurious treatments in stunning surroundings.

Health Farms will offer a huge variety of treatments ranging from massages, wraps, facials, aromatherapy, reflexology, brand related treatments (Clarins treatments, Decleor treatments) to more basic beauty treatments such as waxing and eyebrow tints. Often the Health Farm will offer their own custom pampering treatments and include these in the each package purchased.

Health Farms are located throughout the UK and are becoming increasingly popular. No longer the exclusive domain of the wealthy or ladies that lunch, a health farm can provide a relaxing, soothing break for everyone - a chance to detox, pamper yourself and treat your body as a temple and simply take valuable time-out.

In addition to treatments, Health Farms will possess a vast range of fitness equipment and facilities. Golf courses, tennis courts, gyms, squash courts are all familiar features of many Health Farms. For the less active a gentle stroll, or leisurly bike ride in the beautiful grounds is exercise enough for their break away. For the enthusiast there is often a huge choice of comlimentary exercise classes to choose from. A good proportion of Health Farms also offer one or more of the following - leisure pool, swimming pool, hydrotherapy baths, spa pools and jet fountain pools.

Diet is also very important at a Health Farm with healthy eating catered for at most venues. Adding to the experience further is accomodation, which is usually exceptional and on a par with the facilites and luxurious setting.